Perceptual Shifts: CCA Showcase

Come to the Grand Theater to see new work by students from CCA MFA Design Department, led by Professor Gregory Hurcomb! Free and open to the public.

In the face of unparalleled uncertainty where we find ourselves locked in a bewildered gaze with continuous and continuing questions of "accident or attack?" How and what will be our response to this grave sense of an increasing amount of over-saturated super-stimulated media "which provides us endlessly with the (mirror) repetition of a horror that fascinates us totally." Featuring work by students from California College of the Arts MFA Design Department this exhibition seeks to make the invisible visible and transmit alternative narratives, discoveries along the borders of nightmares and dream-scenarios that may awaken us truly to these uncertain "accidents or attacks", moments that have happened and are happening continuously all around us.

Come and experience new work from:

Dashiell Corvin-Brittin
Yisha Dai
Tian Fei
Nicholas Hansen
Katelyn Moore
Sophie Shao
Tracy Tsutsumoto
John Wegner

With music by DJs AWAZ, Jaybee, Pinched Nerve, and Rob Pellecchia.


CCA Design

CCA MFA Design is an open site for the investigation of contemporary design practice. Built on a firm foundation of technical skills, pushing the limits of cutting-edge tools and technologies alongside traditional craft-based techniques, MFA Design students work to reimagine the methods, modes, and meanings of design in contemporary culture. Whether intended to be commercial, civically minded, personal, experimental, or all of these, work here is challenged to be technically sophisticated, culturally engaged, and even socially disruptive. It is research driven and richly informed based on a thorough examination of users and contexts. It is also both formally and conceptually inventive. MFA Design provides its students with foundational technical, formal, and conceptual skills alongside contextual understanding. It prepares its students for a range of personal, private, and public careers in design, including advanced work in creative leadership, whether in commercial, civic, and curatorial arenas. Grounded in personal exploration, MFA Design is educating a new generation of design leaders.