Pharmakon returns to Gray Area touring on her new album Devour.

September 29, 2019

Doors at 8pm
Show at 9pm

Artist Margaret Chardiet, aka Pharmakon, returns to Gray Area touring on her upcoming album Devour. With live shows that are charged and even confrontational, this performance will leave you wanting to dive deeper into the extremes of sound and consciousness.

Devour marks the fourth full-length record from Pharmakon and the most intense output of her 12 plus years creating industrial noise. Like her previous albums, Devour comes with a strong concept that is exorcised throughout the five demolishing tracks on the album, using imagery and language of self-cannibalism as allegory for the self-destructive nature of humans. As one of the premiere vanguards of modern industrial and power electronics, Pharmakon continuously pushes genres. Devour explores new sonic territory, with denser electronics, groovier hooks, and moments of her most unhinged vocal deliveries to date.



Margaret Chardiet was born and raised in New York City, making power electronics / death industrial music under the name Pharmakon. As a founding member of the Red Light District collective in Far Rockaway, NY she has been a figurehead in the underground experimental scene since the age of seventeen. Several projects emerged from the Red Light home/ venue during the four years Chardiet lived there including Yellow Tears, and Halflings amongst others. She points out that the environment there amongst so many other experimental artists inspired her to keep pushing herself and making increasingly challenging work. She describes her drive to make noise music as something akin to an exorcism where she is able to express, her "deep-seated need/drive/urge/possession to reach other people and make them FEEL something [specifically] in uncomfortable/ confrontational ways." The project is also an opportunity to exorcise her own demons and examine her own wild thoughts by pushing them outside of her head. Her new album Devour, which will be released August 30, was recorded by Ben Greenberg (Uniform) and is the first Pharmakon album recorded live in studio.