Posthuman Island Launch Event

Cultural Policy, AREYES Studio and Gray Area are pleased to introduce Posthuman Island, an interactive exhibition and digital drama about a secret study on future adaptations.

On Thursday, June 3, join us for the opening reception of the project and panel discussion about potential futures with the artists and the creators team. This launch event features artists Chris Collins, Huntrezz, Maria Dmitrova, Obso1337 + George Jasper Stone, Wednesday Kim, and DURA.

Posthuman Island is a virtual research centre on an island in the Philippines set in a futuristic world showcasing five transformed humans in 2060. The project speculates the evolution of human biology and psychology under the influence of AI.

What you are about to experience is an envisioned reality. Explore themes of our potential physical and mental adaptations coinciding with impending technology and the influence of corporate power as you explore earthly delights. Learn more about the Island's history and it’s endangered flora and fauna. Come to each posthuman’s room to see digital artworks from five different artists and their reflection on the question:

What should we, humans, take with us into the future? To whom are we entrusting our future?


Cultural Policy

Cultural Policy is an e-curatorial agency focused on encouraging critical thinking, empathy and blurring the lines of reality through global collaborative projects and research practices. Founded in 2020 by curator and cultural producer Alice Scope, the agency works with emerging and mid-career digital artists in developing new narrative forms related to speculative futures, human psychology and co-evolution in the digital age.


AREYES is a visual-centered studio focused on creative technology and creating a new format of visual communication by using augmented reality.

Chris Collins

New media artist and educator based in Chicago. Chris is interested in networked technologies as a cultural force and as a site of many inherent contradictions: a place of beauty and banality, of empowerment and surveillance, of connection and commodification. He’s attempting to find poetry, humor, and logic from within the squirm of digital culture. @chris__content


Huntrezz is currently making work across mediums and collaborating with a diverse array of human beings online. She presents her range of works in writing, fashion, animation, painting, music, and performance in Los Angeles. Currently working for the Oakwood secondary school in NoHo. while in the collective residency at NAVEL LA and new clergy at the church of fun. She worships a beyond that is at the center of all things, and her mind and body are always in flux. @huntrezz

Masha Dmitrova

Designer and artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Maria has a strong passion for visual storytelling and fictional narratives. She works with 3D&animation, videos, print, and digital. In her works, she applies techniques of speculative design, to sneer at narcissism theme, use semantical analysis, and deconstruct & visualise social theories. @mashadmitrova


Obso1337 is the collaborative practice of Tobias Seymour and Lachlan KosaniukInnes. Initially conceived as an online gallery showing digital work created for mobile devices, the platform has now expanded to encompass almost all of their creative output. This ranges from websites, digital video, and face filters to IRL installation, performance, and events. @obso1337.life

George Jasper Stone

George Jasper Stone is a CGI artist based in London. His work can be characterized by constructing vignettes and scenes that blend digital experiences with physical entities using intuitive processes. Holding the algorithmic with the real world that interlinks fantasy and reality, he transcodes data from these physical environments to digital landscapes. @georgejasperstone

Wednesday Kim

Interdisciplinary artist and a co-founder of De:Formal Online Gallery. She is from Seoul, South Korea, and is currently based out of Alaska. Kim works with a mixture of analog and digital media including 3D animation, video, performance, installation, print, and sculpture. Her work is informed by personal experiences and human psychology; she derives imagery from nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and childhood trauma. Furthermore, she portrays the absurdity of information-saturated contemporary life in a surrealist fashion through wordplay, Wikipedia, voyeurism, and witticism. @wednesdaykimm


DURA is an artist and sound designer based in Berlin and Leipzig. She creates with her objects, performances, and installations atmospheric scenes. Due to her sculptural elements, self-developed sound microcosms and delicately balanced actions, complex sensory impressions and associative moments emerge. @mduraart

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