Rush V1: Immersive Club Experience

Be the first to experience this unique club night with No Regular Play, featuring immersive dance performances from LEVYdance in collaboration with Gray Area Media Artists.

Full Run of Show & DJ Sets:
8pm - 2am
Immersive dance performances:
8pm - 11pm
$35 Advance Ticket, 21+

On June 7th, come choose your own adventure in an immersive club experience featuring a very special set by No Regular Play. A collaboration between LEVYdance and Gray Area, this interactive evening delivers all the energy of the club scene with the magic of contemporary dance, immersive storytelling, and interactive art.

Rush V1 is a unique night of dance and music, blending unparalelled performances with interactive art installations in an immersive space. Upon arriving, guests will embark on an individual journey down the rabbit hole — no two experiences will be the same. Through an experimental promenade format, we invite you to explore multiple paths: choose to stay on the dance floor for awhile, or return and explore another direction that could completely change the course of your night.

A collaboration between LEVYdance and the creative technologists in Gray Area’s Incubator program, Rush V1 is part of Gray Area's year long Research Lab exploring experiential spaces and immersive art. To explore new modes of expression and performance, Gray Area Media Artists will create responsive digital art experiences utilizing real-time biometric data of performers and the audience to guide the course of the performance.

This collaboration between LEVYdance and creative technologists at Gray Area presents a preview of the art and core technologies for the immersive, audiovisual dance performance “Rush | This Is How I Know I’m Alive” coming up in 2020.

Performance Details

Doors open at 8pm and throughout the evening, four 10-15 minute interactive dance experiences will run in a loop every 30-45 minutes (in small groups). Each experience allows an intimate group to experience a 20 minutes performance that will occur throughout the evening.

We highly recommend you plan for at minimum 1-2 hours or more, to fully enjoy your visit. An ongoing DJ night and party for social dancing will run through the entire night, culminating in a set by No Regular Play.

Please bring minimal personal belongings with you. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes unless you can only party in heels. Dress code: as an art and performance experience, Rush V1 is also a night out. Feel free to dress as you would going to a party, a club, or a night out dancing.


No Regular Play

No Regular Play are a duo equally at home in the rehearsal rooms of Julliard as in the main room of Fabric. Emotive and unapologetically organic, their fluid approach unites more than a lifetime of influences. Their impressive live show, which features Paulus' inimitable trumpet and vocals alongside DeBruyn's masterful manipulation of the rhythm and soundscapes bridges the gap between the indie arena and the heartbeat of the dancefloor.

Tobin Ellsworth

From the mountains of Vermont, to the city of Chicago, to the coast of San Francisco, Tobin Ellsworth’s influences reflect his background, and his talents stretch as far as his travels. Growing up with a family of eclectic musical interests, and pure devout love of musical structure, led Tobin on the pathway to exploring just how far and wide those sounds could lead, taking him to a place in his career now that knows no direction but up. As a resident in San Francisco’s infamous Pink Mammoth crew, the lovable head dj of Disco Katz, sound purveyor of Sequel Sound, Motek family member, and round table knight of Solid Gold Jacuzzi, San Francisco has proven to love him, just as much as he loves them.

Joey Alaniz

Joey Alaniz's sound selection and programming has taken him on journeys across sonic soundscapes and around the world to Kenya, Mexico, Hawaii, New York and all the major clubs in San Francisco. He held down a 3 year residency at the legendary San Francisco night club, The End Up doing Sunday Mass, and continues to throw Common Ground, a San Francisco dance party.

Dancers + Company

Michaela Burns

LEVYdance Company Artist Michaela obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Chapman University. Upon graduation, Michaela apprenticed with Kolben Dance in Jerusalem, Israel. After returning to the states in 2012, she began performing with Scott Wells, Christine Bonansea, and [detour dance] and is a current company member of FACT/SF and LEVYdance. Michaela is also a personal trainer and small business owner of City Move’n Fitness, bringing fitness to corporations around the Bay Area.

Keanu Brady

LEVYdance Company Artist Keanu is a developing San Francisco artist. Finding dance at 15, he nurtured his own relationship to the art form through hip hop and his improvisational body. Prior to his move here in 2016, Keanu studied dance at the University of Utah, where he worked with artists Satu Hummasti, Juan Carlos-Claudio, Eric Handman, and Carl Flink. After, he was an instructor at Middlebury College in Vermont and performed throughout the Northeast. Since moving to San Francisco, he’s become a Company Artist with LEVYdance and FACT/SF, and worked with acclaimed artist Sara Shelton Mann and Oakland-based AXIS Company.

Cookie Harrist

LEVYdance Guest Artist Cookie Harrist is a dancer and vocalist based in San Francisco. She has performed in works by Joe Goode, Sara Shelton Mann, Larry Arrington, NAKA Dance Theatre, Catherine Galasso, Public Movement, and others. She teaches release technique and contact improv at ODC. Her own artistic/political work fights the culture of sexual assault in contact improv, as featured in the latest article of Contact Quarterly.

Roseann Baker

Roseann Baker is a dancer and movement educator. After receiving her BFA from SUNY Purchase College, she danced with Nelly van Bommel and Roadwork in New York. Since relocating to the Bay Area, she has worked with Garrett + Moulton Productions, Red Brick Company, and Liv Schaffer. For the past few years Roseann has been creating and presenting her own work at the LEVYdance Salon. Roseann is also a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainer at San Francisco GYROTONIC® teaching in the LINES Ballet Training, BFA, and Summer Programs.

Miche Wong

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from UC Santa Barbara, she began performing in San Francisco as a dancer and multi-mover with companies such as Capacitor, Flyaway Productions, and ZiRu Dance. In 2013, Miche began working with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Mainland China’s premier modern dance company, and she performed with GMDC throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and China. Her own choreographic works have been presented for Chinese and Bay Area audiences through international dance festivals and local San Francisco venues. Miche teaches for the LINES Ballet training program and other studios throughout California.

Garance Marneur

Garance Marneur, LEVYdance's first Executive Artistic Director, has directed, designed and curated more than 60 productions in the UK and internationally for theatre, dance, opera, and film, including works for Trafalgar Studios in London, National Theatre in London, Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Company, Abbey Theatre in Dublin, the Exploratorium, and NBC Universal. Marneur won the Linbury Prize for Stage Design in 2007, and was nominated for Best Scenic design at the Broadway World UK Awards in 2014. She relocated to the United states to take over the reins of LEVYdance in 2015.


LEVYdance – through its dance company, artist-in-residence programs, and studio space in SoMa – is dedicated to creating art that ignites awareness of our shared human experience. At the core of LEVYdance is an internationally-touring dance company recognized for innovative, interdisciplinary, interactive works that explore the nuances of being human. Beyond performing in traditional venues, LEVYdance creates innovative multi-media, site-specific and installation works that explore new relationships between performer and audience.

Media Artists

Ashwath Anand

Ashwath is a Creative Technologist from India who lives and works in San Francisco. His varied background and interests has enabled him to pursue projects that involve design, engineering, human interaction and experiential technology. Technology, good food and the great outdoors fascinate him endlessly and he tries to immerse myself in all of these things through his work and hobbies. Ashwath pursues projects that involve physical computing, Augmented Reality, LEDs and music.

Rachel Rose Waterhouse

Rachel Rose Waterhouse is an LA-based artist, designer, and technologist who works with code and 3D software tools to explore new ways of interacting and engaging with the world. Her interests are in music, poetry, and examining the relationships between humans, infrastructure, and ecological systems.
Previously, she was a Gray Area Incubator artist who also taught web development and creative coding courses in the 10 week immersive program, and was a student at the School for Poetic Computation. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design.

Emily Saunders

Emily Saunders is designer who loves creating spatial, digital, interactive and immersive environments. With a background in architecture, most of her work looks at redesigning and animating leftover spaces in cities. Intrigued by both the technical and creative aspects of each project, she has fun designing, visualizing, fabricating, and programming when at work. Originally from England, she now lives and works in San Francisco with her dog where she is inspired daily by the queer, art, and tech scenes alive in the city.

Marc Schroeder

Marc Schroeder is a San Francisco-based multimedia technologist working with creative code, electronic music, written word, and data systems. His background is in radio, live DJing, and Computer Science. In all mediums, Marc is most interested in finding the thoughtful, introspective spaces hidden between identifiable styles by digging deeply for unexpected connections.

Sean Stillwell

Sean lives and works in San Francisco, CA. He works in the local maker and burner scenes where he continues to expand his tool set from conceptual art, bronze casting, and mix media sculpture to 3D parametric modeling, interactive LED programming, mapped projection & animation, and immersive experience design. With 6 years under his belt as an architectural designer at both an international corporate firm and a local high end residential firm, he has a great deal of experience delivering large, complex projects on time and on budget. He has a passion for sustainable, integrated design, and his ongoing art explorations often source salvaged material and/or champion home, planet earth, through education and activism.

Sound Design

Fred Defaye

Fred Defaye is a sonic artist and composer, member of the people show theatre. He learnt his trade in Paris as a recording engineer, moving to England to become the personal recording engineer of the Eurythmics. Through his career he has mixed and recorded albums for the likes of Bob Dylan, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Tom Petty, David Gray and many more. Fred has sound designed for the experience created by Punchdrunk,  composed music for Burberry, Tods, Philpp Plain fashion shows in Paris, London and Milan.

Special Support

Rush V1 was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.