Sound Research Group: Alternative Musical Interfaces

We’ve seen many shifts in ways to control sound over the millenia; everything from animal skins and bones to hacked Game Boys and everywhere in between. We find ourselves positioned at an interesting point in time for how we manipulate sound in a post-instrument world. The topic of alternative musical interfaces has been discussed by those attempting to redefine how we’ve shaped sound since the tribal era, but the discourse seems to be thriving. We’ve brought together three specialists (see below) who have dedicated large portions of their lives to the noble task of constructing new musical interfaces and pushing musicians to interact with their instruments in new and different fashions.

The object of this evening is to gather together those interested in redefining our physical relationship to sounds and music. If you are interested in audio we recommend that you come join in the discussion with us.


7:00pm – 7:15pm : Introductions / Cocktails
7:15pm – 8:15pm : Panel / Group Discussion
8:15pm – 8:30pm : Open Discussion / Q & A


Michael Ferriell Zbyszyński

Michael Ferriell Zbyszyński is a composer, sound artist, performer, and teacher in the field of contemporary electroacoustic music. Currently, he teaches at California College of the Arts, contributes to Make Magazine, and plays with Respectable Citizen and the Brass Liberation Orchestra.

Dr. Zbyszyński plays flute, saxophones, clarinet, Yamaha …

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Peter Nyboer

Peter is a partner and the primary programmer at Livid Instruments, crafting custom controllers, DIY products and commercially available control surfaces. Their latest device, the Guitar Wing, is a wireless controller for guitar and bass complete with its own SDK. Peter will speak about the general challenge of designing blank-slate …

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Spencer Salazar

Spencer Salazar is a doctoral student at Stanford CCRMA, researching computer-based forms of music performance and experience. In his past he has created new software and hardware interfaces for the ChucK audio programming language, developed prototype consumer electronics for top technology companies, architected large-scale social music interactions for Smule, an …

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