Soundwave NEXT: Re:Seed

On December 10, Soundwave and Gray Area present the debut performance of Re:Seed, a sonic ritual dedicated to planting new futures.

Seeds bear new life and new possibilities for life on our planet. Throughout the cyclical nature of existence, one of the most important components is the planting of seed, something our ancestors have done, and our descendants will continue if we are to survive. In the face of the breaking down of our world structures, reseeding and nurturing the life it brings forth is also what will allow us to to continue to explore new ways of existing.

Re:Seed is an audio/visual performance created as a space for us to call in and retrace this simple act and to realize its vast interconnectedness through our past and our future trajectory as beings that only exist because of our interdependence with all other life on this spaceship, to realign us with renewed life affirmation and a space for visioning what we can build if we are also watered and cared for.


Bert Yip

Bert Yip is an Oakland based self taught multidisciplinary artist who makes visual art across mediums building immersive spatial installations. He is a muralist, dj, producer and event organizer and a member of radical arts and mutual aid collective We Are The Ones. Underlying all these practices is the desire to build community bonds with shared experience of joy as a mode of healing and as foundation building for other radical social justice oriented work.

Jeffrey Yip

Jeffrey Yip is an interdisciplinary artist of color based out of Oakland (Lisjan Ohlone Territory) producing installation and performances with an emphasis on using technological tools. Interested in uniting the senses as an approach to building experiences, he often combines light and sound in physical and virtual spaces. Thematically his work revolves around exploring technology imagined as a means to facilitate healing and radical justice and often works collaboratively to create sustainable communities. In 2015, Jeffrey co-founded Macro Waves, a creative studio composed of designers and artists of color who specialize in producing immersive experience through conceptual art, new media and design. He is the technical director, leading and overseeing all technical aspects of their projects.

Selim X

Selim X is an incredibly prolific producer based out of San Francisco and is a founding member of live + dj electronic collective True Indigo. His afrofuturist scifi music and textural attentiveness draw listeners into a warm and woozy spacepod.

Rose Cherami

Cofounder of True indigo, Rose Cherami is splashing sand from the leaky side of a beach town.


Bay area underground faves IDHAZ & rose cherami join forces to become PIECES, an r&b noise performance & interdimensional experience blending movement, rhythms, & raw energy. PIECES is part of true indigo collective in San Francisco.


Joshua Antenor Cruz Conanan is a non-binary multi-instrumentalist from the Bay area with a B.F.A in Music for Visual Media and has experience as a sound designer and music composer for video games and short films. His personal works as Y O U T H have been described as dreamy, meditative, and calm


This event is part of Soundwave NEXT, a new partnership between Gray Area and Soundwave, two veteran San Francisco arts organizations to explore the future of sound. The program invites curators, artists, producers, and collectives to present new performance-based works or productions based in sound. This program seeks to answer what is the future of sound as a construct and ask “What’s next?” for the medium as it relates to our collective social, cultural, technological and/or political experience.

Fall/Winter 2020
October 15: "To Hear the Earth Before the End of the World (Act I-iii ; Earth and Sky)"
By LaMont Hamilton

November 20: "Past and Future Forms"
Lead Artist Sholeh Asgary with Dena Al-Adeeb, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Leyya Mona Tawil

December 10: "Re:Seed"
Lead Artist Bert Yip with Jeffrey Yip

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