Taraval x Fault Radio – Live Stream Session

Tune in to a live ambient session by Taraval. When he's not touring with Caribou, you can usually find Ryan Smith whipping up hypnotic techno tracks or teaching classes on modular synthesis as part of Crowbar Corner at Gray Area.

Tune in to this archived broadcast that celebrated the launch of Patch on Thursday April 2nd.
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Ryan Smith

A long time touring musician with the band Caribou, Ryan also produces futuristic techno music under the moniker Taraval, makes modular ambient music in the live electronic duo Bathing, and has a long running collaboration with Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys, both producing experimental electronic music and running the label Geej. He produced a collaborative performance of a 1973 graphics score by avant-garde composer Frank McCarty called Tactus Tempus, a controlled improvisational process for 9 audio visual performers live at Gray Area. He is an expert level user of Ableton and Max For Live, VCV Rack (virtual modular synthesis environment), numerous hardware instruments and an accomplished guitar player.

Fault Radio

Fault Radio is a pop-up online radio/video station based in San Francisco Area. In each episode, we live-stream DJ sets and electronic musicians featuring local and international talent from local businesses that make up the unique identity of the Bay Area.

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