Soft Circuit will cover basics of wearable technology.

Soft Circuit Workshop!

Soft Circuit will cover basics of wearable technology. Workshop participants will be given a historical overview of wearables in the context of fashion, art, and technology. Instructor Grace Kim will share basic sewing and embroidery techniques and tips on how to repurpose everyday sewing procedure for use in wearables projects. Students will be given project-based instruction on basic circuitry and will construct soft circuits using conductive thread and fabric. No prior experience with electronics or sewing required. All materials and fees are included. Limited space available.

Day One:
History and context
Measuring energy
Creating a circuit on a breadboard
Soft circuit basics
Embroidery basics
Workshop time: make an LED wristband
Assignment: prototype a concept of an exaggerated sense

Day Two:
Class presentations
Introduction to resistance (including how to use a multimeter)
Introduction to sensors
Introduction to switches (including how to turn everyday sewing notions into switches)