Web of Things Hack-a-thon

The Web of Things is a community of developers, researchers, and designers that explore the future of the physical Web. They explore how to leverage Web standards to interconnect all types of embedded devices (sensors, mobile phones, etc), in order to make them easier to use and to integrate in classic Web applications. They aim to build a future Web of devices that is truly open, flexible, and scalable, and we believe Web standards are the best way to do it.


Because we don’t like just talking but also doing, we’ve decided to set up an exciting warm-up for the upcoming WoT2011 workshop. We’ll be hosting a hackathon on social devices that will take place on June 11th 2011. Come and hack with us!

We propose to create, play, hack, build real “stuff”. Social devices. We will start with a bunch of embedded devices and other electronic things (sensors, robots, urban screens, toasters, etc.) provided by our partners and we’ll ask participants to put them on social networks, to explore how to share them, make them talk to each other, secure them, and see what happens and what can be done. We intend to put in the same room developers/coders, hardware hackers, and interactive designers that will brainstorm on simple projects that can be done in 1 day (and night…) that combine programmable electronics, Web APIs, and social networks along with funny technologies and standards (activity streams, HTML5, OAuth, Facebook connect) and we’ll explore what it means to “publicize objects”. The actual topics that each project will emphasize (from “how to share devices with friends”, to how to “secure access to private electronic appliances”, to “social networks for objects”, how “to fast prototype social networks on mobile phones” etc.) is of course free for each team to decide.

There is limited space for the event so visit the event page to for more details. don’t forget to register below.