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Accelerating Cultural Exchange Through Emerging Technologies

As turbulent geopolitical circumstances and a global pandemic threaten to entrench divisions, the need for cultural exchange–or spaces where people can encounter and learn from ideas different from their own–is more apparent than ever. C/Change, a new initiative from the Goethe-Institut San Francisco and Gray Area, investigates how emerging technologies, when imbued with intentional design, can open up new channels for cross-cultural connection in a changing world.

2023 R&D Lab - Announcing Selected Projects

C/Change is pleased to announce the five projects selected for the Creative R&D Lab’s second cohort. Each team will develop interactive prototypes that address one of the program’s focus areas — feminist technologies, digital democracy, and planetary futures — to creating virtual experiences, tools, and platforms that promote online cultural exchange.


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To build a more inclusive, accessible, and global digital future, we need new frameworks for technological development. Every month, Signals broadcasts insights from visionaries at the forefront of creative inquiry and design innovation about how emerging tech can support cross-cultural connection.