Gray Area is honored to serve as the fiscal sponsor and partner of Feminist.AI to further support community-making in the development accessible technology informed by diverse cultures, identities, and experiences. Through our partnership, we will create spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ womxn and non-binary makers, researchers, thinkers, learners, and feminists to amplify unheard voices in the technology ecosystem.

About Feminist.AI


Feminist.AI works to put technology into the hands of makers, researchers, thinkers and learners to amplify unheard voices and create more accessible AI for all. We create spaces where intergenerational BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ womxn and non-binary folks can gather to build tech together that is informed by our cultures, identities and experiences. We engage with Intersectional feminism to spotlight our stories, inventions, designs and leadership, and to co-create more equitable futures. We believe that individuals should be able to understand and have a role in how technology affects their daily lives and communities. Our projects and related programs are for individuals at any level of exposure to artificial intelligence (AI) thinking. We approach each project by questioning assumptions embedded in AI and machine learning (ML) modeling and design approaches, while co-creating our own technologies, in order to make AI thinking accessible to all.

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