Maker City Playbook

In partnership with Make Media, Institute for the Future, Urban Manufacturing Alliance, and the Kauffman Foundation, we are documenting Maker City examples and possibilities. We wish to open source the many civic initiatives underway and provide information to replicate, adapt, and learn from them.

Since the first ever White House Maker Faire in 2014, over 100 Mayors across the United States have committed to bolster Making in their communities. Powered by the maker movement and toolsets that democratize the entire process of physical creation and manufacturing, new modes of production and supply chains are returning to American cities.

The development of the Maker City Playbook will document Maker culture in cities to bring national focus to the story of civic and economic reinvention taking place in America.

Lab Members

Bettina Warburg, Institute for the Future
Dale Dougherty, Maker Media
Erik Vandermolen, Designer
Josette Melchor, Gray Area
Kate Sofis, Urban Manufacturing Alliance
Lauren Sinreich, Author and Researcher
Lyn Jeffery, Institute for the Future
Peter Hirshberg, City Innovate and Gray Area
Stephanie Santoso, White House Office of Science and Technology


Kauffman Foundation