peepSHOW was conceived of through the design team's own personal connections with the intersection of 7th and Market. To expand on their own preconceptions, they walked and watched the area, conducting interviews and observing interactions between businesses, travelers, and the people who reside in this district. This research led them to look for a way to document, activate, and embellish the details of the curiosity, tumult, and change that define the Civic Center District.

Urban spaces are made rich by their myriad components, but this very complexity can overwhelm. By filtering out all but one aspect or moment in the cityscape, a clear piece of the city can emerge from the blur. By experiencing a series of isolated and enhanced moments, one can begin to know Market Street and its value and vibrancy within the city. peepSHOW allows the user to contemplate his or her surroundings, acts to spur discussion and create shared experience. The structure builds on the notion of a nature-lover’s viewing station (birding platform, scenic overlook) but centers this action in a dense city context, allowing for the contemplation of the urban environment.

peepSHOW was created as part of the 2015 Market Street Prototyping festival and over the course of the three-day festival, peepSHOW proved itself to be an object of intrigue and beauty, a catalyst for cooperation and conversation, a place to pause and ponder, a cultural cross-section-izer, a giant selfie machine—and more.

Join us for a peepSHOW Fundraiser

The peepSHOW team would like to extend an invite to you for the peepSHOW Happiest Hour at our DBA office on Friday September 16.

It's a happy hour fundraiser in support of peepshow2.0, DBA Lab's large-scale installation for the Market Street Prototyping Festival (plus a 2-year stint on Market).

We'd love to see you here—Friday, September 16!

Please pick up a ticket for $10 (or $20, or $50!) and join us!