Zahra 2216

Carmel Crane

Seven generations before us, the world we live in now would be impossible to fathom. Our worship of electronic screens has replaced religion, social structures, and our internal circadian rhythms.

Zahra 2216 is a video wall sculpture that uses Fresnel lenses and PIR sensors to track the movement of visitors as they view a window into the future. The video portrays the life and memories of Zahra, a cyborg living 200 years from now; a dystopic future where electronic marks confirm human existence and nothing is as it seems.

Our online lives have become the future, a place where all ‘things' may be fabricated or modified, but only to suit the preferences of those with access, power, and privilege. We continue to believe in the infinite promise of technology and human ingenuity while failing to comprehend the potential for destruction.

What is the significance of our digital lives, and how will the technologies we utilize today impact the next seven generations?