09-09-2020-ContemplatingTheApocalypse is part of the series 09/09/2020 by by artist and photographer Steve Piasecki. On the 9th of September 2020, San Francisco woke up to a red sky. Immense forest fires were burning all over the Pacific Northwest and turning the skies all tints from smoky ochre to apocalyptic red. Originally built as an immersive audiovisual piece for the Recombinant Media Labs Cinechamber, 09/09/2020 is the product of multimedia artist Steve Piasecki's aim to create not just a record, but a visceral experience of envelopment in a hostile landscape.

Steve Piasecki
Steve Piasecki is a bay area artist working in photography and video. His influences and inspirations come from dreams, visions, somatic experiences, and nature. His photography has been published internationally.

Born in Iowa, Steve studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received a BFA in photography and computer graphics in 1992. He has lived and worked in San Francisco since 1993.

His photography work focuses on the enchanting beauty of flowers, the role of insects, and images from dreams. With those sources as a basis, he creates mandalas for meditation and to contemplate how the world is reflected and revealed all around us.

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