Photos: Art Hack Weekend SF: A WebGL + HTML5 Hackathon

  •  Mar 2, 2012
  •  Gray Area Photos

Art Hack Weekend SF: A WebGL + HTML5 Hackathon

Art Hack Weekend SF was an opportunity for San Francisco’s leading web designers, developers, artists and hackers to exchange concepts, projects, and create the next phase of cutting edge web apps. The hackathon aimed to attract all who seek to push pixels out of the screen and implement highly dynamic and interactive creative experiences on their websites. We did not simply reimagine the future of the web, but actually built it.

More than just a weekend hackathon, Art Hack Weekend SF focused on unearthing new properties of the web by exploring the nature of how we build and interact with 3D objects. This hackathon’s aim was to transcend the traditional 2D experience of the internet by combining radical thinkers that dreamt of projects outside the screen and interpolate them in a web-based experience. When the Bay Area’s preeminent innovators and creatives gather together the results always yield useful projects, products, and partnerships that largely exceed the sum of their parts.

As our culture migrates onto the internet at a startling rate, we become increasingly dependent upon the use of creative applications to better understand the world we’re living in. We believe that merging technologists from a variety of backgrounds with creative thinkers harvests unforeseen projects that shine light into the uncharted corners of the internet. Over the course of the weekend, web design’s playful sensibilities met progressive visions of contemporary culture to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.