Photos: Summer Creative Code Fellowship – 2015

  •  May 20, 2015
  •  Gray Area Photos

Summer Creative Code Fellowship - 2015

In the summer of 2015 Stamen Design, Autodesk, SPUR, Harvard and Gray Area decided to create a fellowship program. The program offered a few talented students the opportunity to not only hone their visualization and mapping skills, but to get experience working in a design studio as well. Fostering the growth of a budding colleague couldn't be more rewarding. Working with the fellows, we were able to be involved with the design and research of art and urban design projects. As much as we taught, we were also able to dive into areas we were curious about, like physical prototyping. We became both students and teachers in the process, and so did our fellows. The task for the 2015 Fellowship was to make something visible about the city of San Francisco that was previously invisible. Take a look at what our fellows came up with!