Photos: UP: San Francisco Street Festival & Exposition

  •  Oct 20, 2012
  •  Gray Area Photos

UP: San Francisco Street Festival & Exposition

On Saturday October 20, three blocks of downtown San Francisco became a living laboratory of urban experiments. This exposition demonstrated the capability of citizens to reimagine public space through creative applications of design and technology.

The festival featured a showcase of 25 projects created by over 150 makers, as well as three stages of public performance and a series of inspiring keynotes and panel discussions around placemaking, prototyping, and the future of cities.

The Gray Area Stage on Minna Street featured an immersive Audio/Visual performance environment featuring experimental electronic musicians and visualists such as Mark Fell of SND (UK).

The Intersection for the Arts Stage on Natoma Street featured artistic performances and speakers such as Tom Kelley, Co-Founder of IDEO.

The Halladie Plaza Stage featured local standout performers including Trolley Dances, Campo Santo, and Gamelan X.