Team Human Episode 76: Live at Gray Area: HOWARD RHEINGOLD


This week we continue with part two of our special live recording of Team Human at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Fransisco. Joining Douglas on stage is cyberculture pioneer, educator, artist, author, visionary, and shoe painter, Howard Rheingold.

“Mind amplifiers,” “psychedelic signifiers,” and “the instrumental vs. the sacred” are just the tip of the iceberg in a conversation that explores how we got to this moment in technology and society; and ultimately where we hope to go. Following Rushkoff and Rheingold’s conversation, Sci-Fi author and technology journalist Annalee Newitz (hear Newitz’s conversation in part 1) rejoins the team for a roundtable discussion and audience Q & A.

If you are just discovering Team Human, check out last week’s
Episode 75, featuring the first hour of this of this live show with guest Annalee Newitz. Patreon supporters have access to the complete uncut interview at patreon.com/teamhuman.

Music heard on today’s show; “Walkabout” by Throbbing Gristle. Also heard on the show, music by Team Human Ep. 68 guest Stacco Troncoso plus intro and outro music from Fugazi.

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