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Dragon's Dream: The Roger Dean Experience

Journey into the imaginative otherworldly visions of cultural icon Roger Dean brought to life in 4D by the pioneers of immersive entertainment experiences.

There is a myth that aliens walk amongst us, injecting their brilliance into our culture to nudge us as a civilization in the right direction. Roger Dean may just be one of these aliens dreaming up fantastic utopian worlds and regenerative civilizations that come to life through this artwork and inventions.

His paintings are breathtaking, mind-expanding journeys to other worlds, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see within the mind’s eye of this revolutionary artist who’s visions have inspired our modern culture from video game art (Tetris, Mario Kart) to album covers (Yes, Asia, Pink Floyd) to cinematic blockbusters (Avatar).

His art is the blueprint for which much of our modern pop culture has been built. He is a dragon from the outer limits breathing compassionate fire into our world. An alien nudging our civilization in a more harmonious direction. A world builder envisioning utopian landscapes with regenerative principles.

Chambers Obscura worked directly with Roger Dean to expand his visionary canvases into a 360º, fully immersive experience. Through Roger's guidance and imagination, our animators brought his paintings utilizing the most state-of-the-art, high resolution laser projectors in parallel with an audiophile quality multichannel surround sound experience. For 20+ years Chambers Obscura has been innovating immersive technology for the world’s largest stages, biggest performers and most breathtaking experiences. Innovation is the key to expression and now there are no limits to what we can create.

This is not your typical night out—this is human creativity at its highest potential, which can only be brought to life with the most cutting-edge team of content creators and projection technology. Get your ticket and prepare to experience a trip unlike anything before.

Roger Dean

A forward-thinking architect, product designer, publisher, and artist, Roger Dean is a genre unto himself. From his iconic album covers and posters for bands like Yes and Asia, to his logo designs for video games like Tetris and Psygnosis, Dean has sold over 150 million copies of his work worldwide. His unique style is instantly recognizable, featuring fantastical landscapes with dramatic floating rock formations, lush alien flora and fauna, and colorful organic structures. After the release of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Avatar, Dean enjoyed a surge of interest in his work after many pointed out several visual motifs mirrored in the visual design of the film. To be fair, it’s inconceivable to think of fantasy and science fiction art without being influenced by the superlative work of Roger Dean, whose evocative and visionary images have permeated and shaped popular culture over the past 50 years.    

Presented by

Chambers Obscura

Chambers Obscura is an exciting new collaboration between Travis Threlkel (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) and his team at Minds Over Matter (MOM), a San Francisco-based design lab created in 2020 by the founders and creative team behind Obscura Digital; Brian Chambers’ The Chambers Project, one of the world's most renowned psychedelic art collectors; the award-winning creative marketing agency Guru.