Falling Leaves

  • Tracy Scott, Gabriel Harp, Andrew Cantino, Dan Mosedale

Standing before a display window on the street, a passerby stops to view a screen of leaves gently falling with wind whooshing in the background. She notices that the leaves have started to settle on an invisible form, which as they accumulate, reveal the form to be human. As she moves, she notices that the form silhouetted by the leaves is moving with her, and the wind and leaves in the air are responding to her motions.

A Kinect is used to capture the user and her motions. Libraries & plugins used: HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery, Three.js, Zigfu & OpenNI, audiolib.js.

This project was created as part of the Art Hack Weekend SF a collaboration between Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and The Creators Project. The Art Hack was an opportunity for San Francisco’s leading web designers, developers, artists and hackers to exchange concepts, projects, and to create the next phase of cutting edge web apps. Full details available at: thecreatorsproject.com/arthackweekendsf


Tracy Scott (@tracyscott)
Gabriel Harp (@gharp)
Andrew Cantino (@tectonic)
Dan Mosedale (@dmose)