#arthacksf: Shared Cinema

Project Description

You know when dinner parties turn into video watch-a-thons? Let’s do that, but in public. Shared Cinema is a public video jukebox that activates urban spaces! As much as we love sharing links and watching YouTube and Vimeo from our browsers, these experiences are insular. The truth is, we love watching great art and entertainment together as the media inspires conversations, debates, and new connections with those who are gathered for the viewing experience. While in a public space that is activated by Shared Cinema, users share videos they love and upvote the videos they want to see through a mobile interface. The projected display shows the current video playing with full audio and a preview of the queue of videos submitted. The dynamic visualization of the queue that responds to actions taken by the viewer/participant contributes wonder and playfulness to the immersive and joyful experience of watching videos together.

To build this experience we used HTML5, WebSockets, Sencha Touch, YouTube, Geolocation, Video tag, CSS 3D Transformations and Perspectives, Node.js, Mongo DB, Facebook

Team Information

Kevin Nelson
Chris Abrams
Clint Gossett
Martha Pettit
Emily Martiny
Chacha Sikes
Beau Trincia
*With support from Anselm Hook and Libby Falck



About #arthacksf

Art Hack Weekend SF is a collaboration between Gray Area and The Creators Project. The weekend is an opportunity for San Francisco’s leading web designers, developers, artists and hackers to exchange concepts, projects, and to create the next phase of cutting edge web apps.