BitRate Series: Audio Visualization with P5.js + Tone.js Workshop

We are kicking off the BitRate Series with this 3-hour workshop, which focuses on learning audio visualization techniques with p5.js and tone.js. In this workshop we'll learn the fundamentals of working with existing audio data as well as custom generated sounds.

To enroll, please sign up for the BitRate Machine Learning & Music Series.

Workshop Logistics

Dates: Friday, August 7
Times: 6 – 9pm PST
Cost: Free
Experience Level: Some knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS recommended but not required.
Requirements: Beginner, please have a text editor installed (e.g., Atom, Sublime, VS Code)

Workshop Outline

• Introductions
• Basics of p5.js
• Tone.js review
• Code examples and exercises using p5.js with Tone.js


Rachel Rose Waterhouse

Rachel Rose Waterhouse is an LA-based artist, designer, and technologist who works with code and 3D software tools to explore new ways of interacting and engaging with the world. Her interests are in music, poetry, and examining the relationships between humans, infrastructure, and ecological systems.
Previously, she was a Gray Area Incubator artist who also taught web development and creative coding courses in the 10 week immersive program, and was a student at the School for Poetic Computation. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design.

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