BitRate Series: Making Interactive Music Apps with Magenta.js Workshop

In this workshop you'll learn how to build your own web-based interactive AI-powered musical instruments, artworks, and experiments using Google Magenta and Tone.js.
We'll start from the basics of making sounds in the web browser using JavaScript, and then proceed to generating melodies and rhythms using Magenta's AI models, and making interactive UIs on top of them.

To enroll, please sign up for the BitRate Machine Learning & Music Series .

Workshop Logistics

Dates: Saturday, August 8
Times: 11am – 2pm PST
Cost: Free
Experience Level: Intermediate (programming skills). Students should be comfortable with fundamental web technologies: JavaScript and HTML
Requirements: A PC/Mac laptop if students wish to follow along, but students are also welcome to simply join and watch the stream.

Workshop Outline

• Introduction to Tone.js
• Making sounds with Tone.js synths
• Loading and playing samples with Tone.js
• Introduction to the Magenta.js Music library
• Generating a melody with a Magenta model and playing it
• Making a drum loops with a Magenta model and playing them
• Generating new sounds with GANSynth
• Overview of other Magenta Music features: VAE models, and customising a VAE with MIDI Me.


Tero Parviainen

Tero Parviainen

Tero Parviainen is a software developer in music and the arts, and co-founder of the creative technology studio Counterpoint. Tero spends most of his working hours in the intersection of music, generative systems, and machine learning. His work has recently featured in The Dallas Museum of Art, The Barbican Centre, Somerset House, and Turner Contemporary. He also contributes as a generative music engineer at Wavepaths, applying music to psychedelic therapy. Tero was one of the first users of TensorFlow.js and Magenta.js, and has built many projects with it, ranging from simple web experiments to interactive art installations.

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