BitRate Series: Building An Interactive Machine Learning Orchestra Using ml5.js Workshop

Machine learning is more accessible now than ever before. This workshop will guide participants through how to work with ml5.js, a powerful open-source library for machine learning online. In the span of three hours we’ll go from a high-level overview down to working on implementing and deploying a custom instrument backed by machine learning models. By the end of the workshop students will have developed a unique instrument and functional knowledge of how to approach integrating ml5.js into interactive, creative projects.

To enroll, please sign up for the BitRate Machine Learning & Music Series .

Workshop Logistics

Dates: Friday, August 14
Times: 5 – 8pm PST
Cost: Free
Experience Level: Beginner to advanced. Students should be comfortable with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the command line.
Some familiarity with p5.js or similar libraries, and how to start a simple server would be helpful.
Requirements: Personal computer or laptop with a webcam, text editor (e.g. Sublime Text).

Workshop Outline

• Intro to Machine Learning concepts andrelated works
• Intro to ml5.js
• Setting up and running a local server
• Guided lab time to build your own interactive instrument
• Sharing in-progress projects and ideas
• Deployment and sharing your project


Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie Andrews is a multimedia artist, experience designer, and instructor at Gray Area. She often creates art games, tactile spaces, and playful participatory installations that respond to emergent, speculative, and contemporary issues with levity and sentimentality, and that explore economies of collectivity, care, and communication. Stephanie brings to her art practice an interdisciplinary background spanning software engineering, interaction design, public policy, social work, and community organizing. She currently specializes in building interactive systems that use digital, physical, and interpersonal mediums to create shared space.

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