Graphic Journalism + Tech Workshop

On December 6, learn how to create graphic and comic journalism stories to address social issues, and how to use Virtual and Augmented Reality so that readers can immerse themselves in the characters and environments from the stories you develop. Learn the techniques, methods, and ethics in reporting on complex stories using sequential art. How do you integrate graphic journalism and comic books with augmented reality and virtual reality to go beyond the story?

This free workshop is co-produced by Priya's Shakti, Empathetic Media, Archcomix, Baturu, ZERO1, and Gray Area.

This workshop is free and open to the public thanks to funding by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund for U.S. Alumni, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by Partners of the Americas.

Workshop Logistics

Workshop Date: Sunday, December 6, 2020
Times: 11am – 12:30pm PST
Cost: Free
Experience Level: Open to all skill levels
Requirements: None

Workshop Outline

— Introduction to graphic journalism and its methodology.
— Process of researching, reporting and creating the sequential work.
— Working with publishers, news agencies and the ethics of graphic journalism.
— Creating an engaging comic book series mixing documentary and fictional elements to address social issues.
— Using VR in journalism and in storytelling.
— Integrating AR into comic books and art.
— Review examples of projects and discuss their challenges.
— Basic technological review of what is available, and process work flow.

Online Workshop

This 1.5 hours online workshop will be held via video webinar. We will have an online community chat to share your questions during and beyond the workshop. Please contact us if you have any additional questions at [email protected].


Dan Archer

Dan Archer ​has been working as a​ ​graphic journalist​ for over a decade. He chose the medium of comics reportage for its ability to allow readers to visualize his subjects without them needing to appear on camera, protecting their identities while preserving the power and impact of their stories. His work has been supported by the BBC, Vice, Associated Press, the Colombian government, Open Society, European Journalism Centre and he has a Maynard Institute Award for mental health reporting. He also founded​ ​Empathetic Media, a mixed reality production studio, in 2015 to expand his interactive journalism into the immersive space. Since then EM has produced dozens of virtual reality experiences from 360 videos to room-scale pieces for a wide range of clients, including the ​Washington Post​ , Pfizer Foundation, Gilead Life Sciences and the NHS.

​Ram Devineni

Ram Devineni is creator of the augmented reality social-activist comic books, “Priya’s Shakti,” featuring India’s first female superhero and named “gender equality champion” by UN Women.  



ZERO1 is a nonprofit arts organization that aims to address complex social challenges by producing community-driven new media and digital art projects. We believe that artistic experimentation with emergent technologies inspires novel creative strategies and broadens our critical understanding of the world. Through a global network of partners, we bridge governmental, academic, corporate, and cultural worlds to build engaged and vibrant communities that drive social action.

Empathetic Media

Empathetic Media leverages cutting-edge technology to target the latest generation of story consumers. We believe that the combination of experiential, first-person storytelling approaches with virtual reality, 360 video, augmented reality and graphic journalism is the key to fostering empathy between storytellers and their subjects. We are a production studio specialized in developing custom storytelling and platform solutions for popular consumption of 3D immersive content. By combining editorial and technological expertise with a proprietary asset library, 3D scanning and story templates, we are able to produce high quality immersive experiences. From mobile to tablet to desktop to fully immersive virtual reality via the Oculus Quest mobile headset, we will tailor the solution to suit you and your audience’s needs. We’re familiar with all the software to make it happen: Unity, Mistika, Maya, After Effects to name only a few. Each of our team members was selected for their industry-leading performance in their respective field and we have a proven track record with the leading global news brands like Washington Post, Magnum Foundation, Associated Press and Fusion.

Baturu Festival

The Baturu Festival is organised by the Crossroads Centre, a Beijing-based social enterprise that uses art and film to promote a dialogue between Chinese and other cultures by putting an emphasis on women’s issues.

Partners of the Americas

Partners of the Americas connects volunteers, international development professionals, governments, businesses, and higher education institutions to implement programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. By linking local organizations with broader funding opportunities and empowering citizens to become agents of change, we develop lasting solutions to our hemisphere’s toughest challenges, together.

U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs' (ECA) mission is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange that assist in the development of peaceful relations.

Priya’s Shakti

Priya’s Shakti is an augmented reality comic book series featuring India’s first female superhero who addresses social issues. Their next edition, “Priya’s Mask” tackles the Covid-19 pandemic and features an AR comic and short animated film with Bollywood and Hollywood movie stars.

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