Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart, Atom™, Señor Coconut), is a German composer, musician and producer of electronic music. He is often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electrogospel and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music. Uwe Schmidt is one of the most successful and prolific German electronic music producers from the early 90′s.

Born in Frankfurt, Uwe Schmidt’s early works “Binary” and “Cloned” were released in 1992 under the moniker of Lassigue Bendthaus. These were followed in 1993 by “Datacide II” and “Coeur Atomique”, both released under his most pupular moniker, Atom Heart, and “Experimental Post Techno Swing” under the name of Lisa Carbon.

In 1994, Uwe Schmidt started his own Rather Interesting label to release his own electronic productions under an uncountable array of different monikers (more than 20), including the ones of Datacide, Almost Digital, CMYK, Dr Mueller, Erik Satin, Interactive Music and Ongaku. Throughout all these identities Schmid has approached different styles from dancefloor stuff to trance and ambient. He has developed a successful career as an industrial dance producer, specially referring the works signed as Lassigue Bendthaus.

In 1997, Schmidt moved to Santiago de Chile, South-America, and got influenced by the latin rhythms, producing a set of funny works under the name of Sr. Coconut where he fussioned a latin orchestra with Kraftwerk‘s classics reaching international success. These project includes the albums “El Gran Baile Con Señor Coconut” (1997) and “El Baile Alemán” (2000) as Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto. Uwe Schmidt is also well known for his prolific collaborations with other artists, including Pete Namlook, Tetsu Inoue and Bill Laswell.