Chelley Sherman & Christopher Latina


Perceptual Geometries

Chelley Sherman is an interactive media artist creating XR audio visual works. Christopher Latina is an engineer, composer and designer working with hybrid hardware and software mediums to create immersive environments. Chelley will explain her evolution of designing “Dispersion”, an immersive VR experience and other sonic environment into organic 3D spatial sound sculptures and explore different modes of sensory and perceptual illusion using spatial audio, haptics, and virtual and augmented reality. Chris’s work at Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology and Dolby Labs has focused on the visualization and sonification of audio signal features used in music information retrieval. He will explain how these methods drive machine listening systems for developing gestural and signal-aware environments. Using the ontological relationship between mathematical, musical and virtual harmonies we look at how bottom-up multisensory processing changes the possibility and experience of how we explore sonic landscapes.