Cristina Isabel Rivera Sangama

Cristina Isabel Rivera Sangama (she/her/ella) is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Director based in Oakland, CA, and Miami, FL. Born to Peruvian/Puerto Rican parents and raised in the United States, Rivera brings a unique perspective to her work that is deeply rooted in her cultural heritage, background in social/behavioral studies, passion for sustainable artistic practices, and global creative community building for social change.

Rivera’s background is in film, photography, and multimedia production. Her work explores the themes of magic, nature, and interconnectedness, with a focus on finding the beauty in everything and the magic that exists in the world around us. Through her art, Rivera challenges traditional norms and encourages viewers to think about the world in new and imaginative ways.

Her work has been featured in film festivals, major publications, and has won several awards including a Knight Arts Challenge grant from The Knight Foundation for her work with the Sound and Vision collective in Miami, FL. In recent years, Rivera has taken her work in a new direction by exploring the use of technology and artificial intelligence in her art. She is currently working on developing new, interactive experiences that utilize her 15+ year archive of work, light field displays, and code in her new project called Selva Sonica (Sonic Jungle).  She continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in art, and is always eager to learn and explore new technologies and techniques.