Fluorescent Grey

Fluorescent Grey is the longtime alias of Bay Area electronic musician and journalist Robbie Martin. After 11 LPs and 2 EPs he has recently completed the two hour soundtrack to the three part documentary ‘A Very Heavy Agenda” which he wrote, directed, edited and produced. In it he explores the current ‘Cold War 2.0’ scenario. Recently, he has oscillated from classic electronic genre riffs like the acid-break anthem about Obama ‘We Killed Kids on the Basketball Court’ to the utter fringes of sound art like Ganzfeld performances, to nostalgic conceptual electro (’Electronic/Synthesizer Greats’ Acroplane UK) constructed solely out of samples from three decades of pre-rave electronic vinyl records dating from 1955-1984. His dense 3xLP ‘Ambiente’ was given a recommendation in the MIT Computer Music Journal for the synthesis used, and followup ‘Delta Quadrant’ was described by Juno Records as ‘sci-fi-influenced noisedelicha’ that defies description. He’s often heard in the :zoviet*france: podcast ‘A Duck in a Tree’ and seen in the revolving lineup of musicians in Katabatik. Currently, he is composing music for the TV show ‘The Empire Files’ on Telesur. Upcoming works include an album with one half of :zoviet*france: Atom Mother Earth, and Australian synth-wizard Dave Noyze.