Franck Vigroux

A composer and improviser, Franck Vigroux lives in a universe where noise, improvisation, electroacoustic, industrial, hörspiel, and contemporary music meet. On stage he can play many diferent roles: guitar player, turntablist, revox manipulator, electronic performer. He also directed numerous videos, such as Dust (30′) in 2007. Franck Vigroux performs solo or regularly collaborates for live acts with Mika Vainio, Transistor (with Ben Miller), Reinhold Friedl he also collaborated with Kasper Toeplitz, Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Joey Baron, Bruno Chevillon, Marc Ducret, Push the triangle, Kenji Siratori, Ars Nova ensemble instrumental, performs with video artists Antoine Schmitt (with Tempest), Kurt d’Haeseleer (with Aucun lieu), Philippe Fontes (with Police). Since 2000 he repeatedly performed in the United States, in Europe and in Japan either in festivals or in clubs. In 2003, he founded his own label D’Autres Cordes records, some albums are also published by others labels such as Signature Radio France and Hypermodern (Japan). In 2008 he founded the Compagny D’autres cordes dedicated to performing arts: 2009 “Septembres” by Philippe Malone directed by Michel Simonot 2010 “Broken Circles” for ten musicians interpreted by Ars Nova ensemble instrumental, conducted by Philippe Nahon 2011 Un Sang d’Encre with Marc Ducret texts by F.Kafka 2010 Nous autres? – for 2 dancer and 1 electronic musician and interactive video installation 2012 Camera piece for Timpani, Piano, electronics, doublebass, guitar, tape. 2013 Aucun Lieu piece for 1 dancer 1 musician, video installation In 2011 he composed “D503″ inspired from the novel ” Us ‘ (Eugene Zamiatine) a piece for Radio France ACR which runs for Prix Italia 2011. He has been comissioned for electroacoustic composition or live electronics acts by Radio France and GRM (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013). Awards: Villa Médicis hors les murs 2009 (New York) Nominee Best album and best track Qwartz electronic music awards 2011 Nominee best video music Qwartz 2008 Nominee Prix Italia 2011 (2nd in music composition).