Gabriel Dunne

Gabriel Dunne (b.1981 San Francisco) is an audiovisual artist who creates works that explore visual, audible, and physical frequencies, drawing influence from natural systems, sensory patterns, structures and rhythms of the perceivable and imperceivable universe. He integrates a wide range of mediums including sculpture, music, sound, visualization/sonification, digital manufacturing and fabrication, parametric software, and site-specific installation. He has performed and shown his work internationally at venues including Barcelona Festival Sonar, Interferenze Italia, and is featured in the permanent collection of NY MoMA, and has been featured in WIRED Magazine, Mondo India, FOCUS Italia, Discover, Contemporary Art of Science and Technology, and Architectural Digest.

In addition to his studio practice, Dunne is an educator and conducts workshops in various communities, schools, and orgs. He’s developed curricula for visual programming, audio/visual graphics, and integrative media arts practice which contextualizes computing and technology as a language and creative medium. In 2010 he co-founded the group [O_o] oooshiny, which has grown to include an international community of designers, technologists, and artists. In 2012, he produced ‘NAAG’ in collaboration with Vishal K Dar, a 14′ tall site-specific sculpture which comes to life through an integrative digital fabrication and projection mapping process, aspiring to deconstruct the notion of sculpture as a static object. The work was installed in an abandoned factory in central Delhi, India during the India Art Faire — an event that included the local community in its process resulting in magical stories of its appearance. In 2015, ‘NAAG’ a larger version was installed in Mumbai, and most recently featured in the N.E.A.T. exhibition at the CJM in San Francisco in 2015/16. Dunne was an Artist in Residence at Gray Area in 2009/10 and Autodesk in 2014/15. He holds a B.A. from UCLA DMA.