Kris T. Force

Kris T. Force is a composer, performer and multi-media artist living and working in the San Francisco bay area and exhibiting and performing throughout the United States and Europe. Kris works as a solo artist and as a collaborator with select individuals and groups. She is an award winning sound designer for all types of media. Kris engages both old and new mediums, classical techniques and new technologies. Her work utilizes forms including sound, installation, drawing, painting, performance, video and new media. In her practice, the transformation of media characteristics through processes of decay, duplication, pause, juxtaposition, materiality, signal and transmission, and the possibility of capturing the liminal moment of transformation, is an ongoing pursuit. She is inspired by themes of the extra-mundane and uses technologies to extend her senses beyond the limits of the corporeal body. Kris is interested in the medium taking on its own intelligence, apart from her creation, thereby employing living signals, sympathetic resonances, procedural processes, generative algorithms and self realizing systems.