Lori Varga

Lori Varga is a local analog film & Light projection artist; native to the Bay Area. Utilizing forgotten / near obsolete technology into optically challenging psychedelic lightshows & multi-projector visual displays- as a favorite form of expression. Lori has been making 16mm multi projector film collage since 1995. She has also made over 15 short experimental /collage essay films in super 8mm & 16mm format. From 1999 till 2011, she projected analog/background films & hand- painted film loops for many well-known psychedelic rock/avant-garde bands throughout central Texas and the Mid West. Her work has been shown @ The Cinematexas Film Festival, Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema , Salvage Vanguard Theater, Shapeshifter’s Cinema , Filmhuis Cavia Film Fest Amsterdam & at over 20 nightclubs all over CA. & the mid west. Usually she works solo, with a large, expansive table of analog gear … (slide projectors/ timers/16mm film projectors/ overheads/ retro laser lights)- currently she is branching out to incorporate digital projection units & camera systems into her live setups.

Alongside working with found film footage & vintage,educational imagery she also creates music using tape recorders, offbeat & satire – like samples, various awkward,circuit -bent sound toys and 1950’s reel to reel tape decks. She is obviously “out-there” & enjoys working with fellow lightshow artists/ culture jammers/ & underground/ electronic musicians.