Lucia Grossberger Morales

Lucia Grossberger Morales has been a computer artist since 1979 when she bought her Apple
II. In 1982, Apple published a software package she coauthored, The Designer’s Toolkit. Along
with Bob Bishop, she wrote Apple Visions: A Unique Approach to Assembly Language
Programming, and Woz wrote the Foreword. In 1982, the Designer’s Toolkit was shown at
“The Artist and the Computer” at the Long Beach Museum of Art and “The Artist in the Lab” at
Harvard University. In 1987, Woz selected her to design “Jesse’s Playhouse” at the San Jose
Children’s Museum. In 1984, Lucia began working on a Macintosh. With the higher resolution
and 8-bit color, as well as powerful software tools, she told the story of emigrating to the
United States and returning. Sangre Boliviana, a CD-ROM, was shown in the United States,
Europe, and South America. It is updated and archived at the National Library in Paris.
Lucia was born in Bolivia and emigrated to the US when she was three. She holds a BA in
Anthropology and MS in Instructional Design from the University of Southern California.