musicalfungus creates complex living soundscapes that span the vast spectrum of electronic sounds with a diversity of influences and electronic music techniques. Fascinated by the organic interplay of polyrhymic and polymetric sequences musicalfungus continues to push the boundary of new and unexplored timbres, unique rhythms, and complex overlapping melodies. Their live performances and albums are improvised one take recordings performed on assorted modular synthesizers including Buchla, Serge, Eurorack, and a collection of experimental instruments. His biggest passion in life is to perform improvised live music with a patch from scratch mentality. Performances are focused on 30 to 40 minutes of pure streaming consciousness expressed through modular synthesizer circuitry. Passionate about sharing his love and knowledge for synthesizers, musicalfungus offers private 1 on 1 lessons for people interested in learning more about the history, techniques, and applications of modular synthesis.

In this journey called life musicalfungus has become fully aware that reality is just a reflection of your own state of mind. Sound and music can change your state of mind, and therefore change reality as you know it.

Music currently released under Esomorphic Records and independently through Kriya Records.