Naut Humon

Naut Humon, artistic director and founder of Recombinant Media Labs, is a curator, conductor and creator of the Surround Traffic Control system: the aural optic incubator that gave birth to today’s CineChamber apparatus. He has been active in staging events that blur the roles of audience and participant for four decades. A former student of Morton Subotnick in the seventies, Humon presented ‘destabilized’ media occurrences designed to repurpose the visitor’s frame of reference from the prevailing performance proximities of the day. He was head of Artist development for San Francisco based Asphodel records and helped coordinate the Digital Music category at the ARS Electronica Festival for ten years. Along with his own electroacoustic excursions and expeditions, Naut Humon has collaborated with many artists and musicians of numerous influences, disciplines and styles over the years and was the figurehead of the former Industrial ambient group Rhythm & Noise.