Recombinant Media Labs

Partner Organization

RECOMBINANT MEDIA LABS (RML) was founded in 1991 by Naut Humon, to research and deploy the cultural qualities and artistic potential of Spatial Cinema and music mediated electro-acoustic surround sound. RML acts as producer, propagator, and presenter of substantive intermodal artworks for its panoramic performance platform the CineChamber. The Recombinant Festival is an annual autumn event series in SF  that showcases international immersive residencies from RML’s nomadic network ; Co-presenters have been Gray Area and Obscura Digital.
In 2006 RML was proud to host Ryoji Ikeda’s first double  live appearance in San Francisco as part of his ongoing development project in progress : datamatics..  Ryoji’s month long residency at Recombinant Media Labs culminated in his real time version 1.0b  of his classic piece.
As an ongoing production and cultural partner in many of the ongoing Gray Area Grand Theater shows RML is now psyched to once again to provide its full support to Ryoji’s return with supercodex [live set] co-presented by Ars Citizen and Gray Area.