Ruaridh Law

Ruaridh Law; a sound artist and musician based in Paisley, Scotland.

Over 20 years he has performed in groups, in collaborations and solo across a wide range of festivals, arts spaces, venues and clubs as performer, improviser, DJ and artist. Latterly his interests have been in sound art, especially involving psychogeography and esoteric interests. He has been commissioned for new work from organizations such as FutureEverything in Manchester, Unconscious Archives in London, FIBER and Incubate in Amsterdam and the Anthony Burgess Foundation for their William Burroughs at 100 event. He has a strong working relationship with Scotland’s Sanctuary, for whom he’s produced large-scale outdoor works combining sound walks, improvised performance and experimental storytelling.

He runs the Broken20 multimedia label, which has been releasing experimental music, DVD, cassette and mixed media works over 6 years and 40+ releases.