Serena JV Elston

Serena JV Elston is an architectural artist who’s life question is: in this modern technological race for the new, what have we left behind that we should weave back in again? The narrative of her artwork deals with trauma and the dysfunction that persists throughout all levels of society. Using the disciplines of architecture, agriculture, and ancient history in her practice to addresses all levels of self actualization and self fulfillment. Serena searches for those forgotten tools that connect us to the land, to the people, and to ourselves because in a world defined by its traumas art can be liberatory.

Elston holds a BFA in Architecture and Sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art & Design and has a decade of experience in construction and big art production. She is currently researching and developing a body of work around the role of olive oil as the fuel of civilization and will be attending Mill College for a Master of Fine Art in Fall of 2019.