Stephanie Chui

I’m Stephanie, a recent WashU (Washington University in St. Louis) graduate from the Bay Area.

I have always had this urge to create, design, and question the world in ways that put people first. Whether it be through dance, digital media, makeup, or math, creating art has been my way of processing my surroundings and solving problems in a nontraditional way. I find that the most beautiful discoveries stem from the intersection of multiple fields such as computer science and linguistics, dance and computer science, or art and math. I was always told that my interests in computer science, math, and biology should be kept discrete from my interests in design, art, dance, and makeup. It was only until college where I sought out the cross over between these previously distinct parts of myself. My journey of blurring this line has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and “fields” I didn’t even know existed until recently.