Viv Qiu

Viv Qiu is a professional generalist based in the Bay Area, co-parented by Chinese immigrants and the internet. They work at micro and macro scales, shifting¹ between object and theory, aesthetic and systemic. They are a zealot for the experimental, the weird, the speculative, the absurd. With ties to industrial design, research, curation, & creative direction, they have made a home in concept as their core medium. Founder of Output Field, they dedicate all parts of their practice to redistributing clout.

Output Field is a placeless coalition of experimental artists, curators, and spaces. They  are conspiring to breach the canon by linking across disciplines and time zones. Their  mission is to redistribute clout.

They are creating an organically curated database of underrepresented voices in the arts: a Curatorial Corrective. Behind that database is a mutually respectful creative ecosystem outputting events, talks, exhibitions. Output Field grows disruptively and explosively, impelling art institutions to embody “artist-first” philosophy. This positions Output Field against curation as naval-gazing monologue, hierarchies of taste, exploitative contracts, and the erasure of Othered voices in exhibition or archival. If you believe in their mission, please consider donating to fund their  project here.