Windy Chien


Algorithms, Aesthetics, and the Artist’s Hand

If an algorithm is a set of rules that defines a sequence of operations, what does that look like in the hand of a visual artist? Windy Chien speaks about her work with rope and teaches how to tie a knot.

Windy Chien makes art that activates space and elevates the vernacular. She is best known for her 2016 work, The Year of Knots, in which she learned a new knot every day for a year. Her work ranges in size from a knot that can fit in the palm of a child’s hand to majestic, room-sized installations that are sought after by private collectors. Following long careers at Apple and in the music industry, she launched her studio in 2015.

Her work has been covered by Wired, Make:, The New York Times and Martha Stewart. In 2017, Facebook acquired an edition of The Year of Knots and her most recent installation resides at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. Windy’s book about her work will be published by Abrams in 2019.