Yu Miao

Yu Miao began studying music when she was 6 years old. After graduating from the China Conservatory of Music she has emerged as one of China’s most esteemed young guzheng (Chinese zither) virtuosos.

Yu has developed special tuning methods for the guzheng, which overcomes certain limitations in regard to scales and renders more musical possibilities. Yu is not just limited to the Chinese classical canon, as her playing integrates seamlessly with Chinese and western classical music, jazz, electronic music, and rock.

Yu is also a composer and sound designer. She has just released the album《Both》together with visual artist Wang Meng, with whom she also performed as a duo at the Aranya Music Festival 2018. She also plays with the Beijing-based band L+R band that fuses electronic dance with the traditional sounds of classical Chinese music, which combines modern electronic music with traditional Kun Opera.