The Grand Creative Resource Library is a lending library offering the tools needed to create electronic music and sound art. Paired with access to workshops, labs, incubators, and events produced by the contributing partners, this collective resource will eliminate barriers to creation at the forefront of art and technology.

Borrowers from the Grand Creative Resource Library will receive a basic orientation to the equipment they check out. They will then be given priority access to active workshops in the Grand Theater community that employ these tools.

We are proud to offer resources to sustain and advance an inclusive creative community. The Grand Creative Resource Library prioritizes opportunities for students and creators from diverse backgrounds that are underrepresented in the fields of art, music, and technology.

The Grand Creative Resource Library is a collaboration between Crowbar Corner, ZERO1, and Gray Area.

The Grand Creative Resource Library is now open for lending. If selected, individuals will be contacted to pick up instruments available starting June 2nd, 2021 at Gray Area. Equipment will be available for loan for two weeks.

Equipment Check Out Days: Wednesdays 5pm – 6pm
Equipment Return Days: Mondays 5pm – 6pm

If you are under 18, please come with a parent or guardian for equipment check out in order for them to sign the lending agreement.

The Grand Creative Resource Library currently includes three modular sets for exploring different aspects of modular synthesis, whether you are new to making sounds or an experienced patcher. Each set is laid out as a complete ‘voice’ with sound sources, modulation and filtering/effects and mixing/amplifying capabilities. They are all capable of generating elemental synth sounds and learning the rudiments of patching, or diving deep into advanced techniques. Even if you’re not keen to learn modular synthesis from the ground up, you could make your own sample packs by sampling sound you stumble upon, or add modular synth layers to DAW based compositions.

The other synths, including the Neutron Synthesizer, Volca Kick, Modular, and Drum, Moog Mother 32, and Make Noise 0-Coast are all ‘stand alone’ synths that offer rich sound creation opportunities with a more ‘plug and play’ style interfaces that do not require any patching whatsoever to produce great sounds. They do have modular patching capabilities which can enrich the sonic experience and offer a manageable step towards full modular synthesis techniques for the eager learner.

You can also borrow a MacBook Pro and Focusrite soundcard alongside any of the modular or desktop synths on offer as full ‘mini studio pack’ and explore hybrid hardware and software music making techniques all at once.

Modular Set - Modern Easel

Combining the focused module selection and touchplate keyboard of a famous West Coast music box with Mutable Instrument's flagship Plaits Macro Oscillator and a DSI filter, just about every paradigm of synthesis can be explored with this set.

Modules: Plaits Macro Oscillator, Doepfer Quadrature LFO, DSI Curtis Filter, Pittsburgh Lifeforms Touch Sensitive Keyboard, Qu-Bit RT 60 Effects module, Erica Quad Mixer and Headphones Out, Synthrotek Power

Modular Set - Analog Digital Joy

Combining the expansive tonal possibilities of the Braids and Pico VCOs with some old school controllers, filters and effects reminiscent of an EMS Synthi in one compact package.

Modules: Blue Lantern Schoolbus (Mutable Braids), Erica Pico VCO, Doepfer Dual VCA, Blue Lantern Joystick, Thomas Controller LFO, Super Synthesis Dual VCF, Dreadbox Nostalgia Delay, MakeNoise Rosie Headphones, Synthrotek Power

Modular Set - Harmonic Drone Box

Centered around the flagship Harmonic Shift Oscillator from New Systems Instrument, a quad looping envelope and an analog wavefolder, this system is great to explore the rich waves of timbres and drones possible with Additive and Harmonic synthesis methods.

Modules: Harmonic Shift Oscillator and VCA from New Systems Instruments, Doepfer Precision VCO, MakeNoise Quadra, Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4, TipTop Fold Processor, Tip Top 6mix, Clactronics mini Speaker, Tip Top Uzeus power

Modular set - 941 MODDRUM ✨NEW✨

A collection of cutting edge modular percussion tools that can take you from a techno bunker to a chirping and whiring field of ambience and everywhere in between. Explore the paradigm of a drum machine with the working methods and open architecture of modular with a mixture of analog, physical modelling, and digital percussion synthesis as well as the clocks, mixers and compressors required to sequence and perform.

Modules: Cloq and Cex from Promodular, Intellijel Mutamix ad Plonk, APC, WMD Compressor, Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, Hexinverter Mutant BD9

Modular set - Delia et Eliane ✨NEW✨

A focused collection of very hi-end, deeply featured modules intended to enable the synthesis methods of the great Delia Derbyshire and Eliane Radique and other early electronic composers. Use the Morphagene to explore musique concrete tape and granular sampling and splicing and the Loquelic Iteritas module to explore complex timbres with AM, FM, and VOSIM synthesis. Featuring the legendary MakeNoise Maths and Qpas filter for modulation and creative filtering, sequencing, and few other goodies to get weird with.

Modules: Mark Noise Maths and QPas and Morphagene, 2hp Freeze, Zlob Attenumixer, WMD Ultrafold, Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas

Neutron Synthesizer

The perfect entry point into analog and modular synthesis, the Neutron combines two analog oscillators, filter, delay and complex (or simple!) patching possibilities. Fully MIDI capable and internally 'hard patched' so can make sounds right out of the box without any previous patching experience necessary.

Volca Kick

How many sounds and sequences can you make out of a single Analog Kick drum synth? A surprising amount. Explore techno kicks, fuzzy sine wave melodies and sequenced sub basses. A great intro the malleable possibilities of analog percussion synthesis.

Volca Modular

Korg's take on on the iconic Buchla Music Easel. A great place to start learning modular, featuring a complex oscillator, two lo-pass gates as well as patch presets and touch keyboard to get you started making sounds.

Volca FM Drum

6 voices of simple but flexible FM synthesis, focused on percussive timbres with a classic X0X interface combined with parameter locking. Can mutate from a simple drum machine into ambient space techno with the turn of a dial. Great for exploring all the creativity possible with a small drum machine.

Moog Mother 32

The (grand?) Mother of East Coast synthesis. A classic monophonic synth design with world class Moog oscillators, filter, sequencer and patch bay. Also has Midi capabilities.

Make Noise 0-Coast

Make Noise's take on a standalone desktop synth, working from the West Coast paradigm of rich waveforms, wave-folding and timbral gates. Fully patchable but also 'plug and play' right out of the box, also with full Midi capabilities and a built in arpeggiator.

MacBook Pro and Focusrite Interface

Hi-spec MacBook Pro and Focusrite Interface. MacBook Pro includes Ableton Live Lite, Audacity, and VCV Rack (modular synth emulator) pre-installed.

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