5th Soil Not Oil International Conference

Learn about agro-ecological practices and alternatives to the industrial food system.

Gray Area invites you to the Grand Theater for the 5th Soil Not Oil Conference. The Soil Not Oil International Conference is an educational event where attendees learn about the root causes, effects and solutions towards creating climate stability. The event is highly recommended to students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policy makers, healthcare providers, urban planners and environmental changemakers.

Past conferences have featured international scientists, farmers, elected officials and environmental activists including: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Rattan Lal, Andrew Kimbrell, Wenonah Hauter, Miguel Altieri, David Zuckerman, Adelita San Vicente Tello, John D. Liu, Tom Goldtooth, Wenonah LaDuke, Starhawk, John Jeavons and hundreds more.

The 5th Soil Not Oil Conference will present keynotes from Jonathan Latham, Elizabeth Kaiser, Anne Bilke, R Brent Wisner and David Mongomery. There will be dozens of plenary speakers and workshops, as well as several performances.

Join us in an energy-filled environment to share, discuss and learn the best practical solutions from topics such as carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture to soil ecology and biodiversity. Together, we can achieve environmental justice and steward a path towards a thriving planet.


Soil Not Oil Coalition

The Soil Not Oil Coalition is a group of scientists, environmental organizations and citizens who share concerns over the decline in soil health, which is the result of the use of fossil fuels and synthetic products during the last 60 years. We believe that restructuring land management practices is key to combating climate change, restoring water cycles, reducing global environmental pollution, stopping ocean acidification, re-establishing biodiversity, improving food production and revitalizing local economies across the planet. The corporate agricultural practice of using more chemicals, more often at higher concentrations with high transportation costs, is not sustainable and deteriorates soil health and productivity, while only benefiting corporate financial interests. Furthermore, we recognize that rapidly accelerating human-caused climate change is a current threat to food security and requires urgent action to halt the reckless and expanding fossil fuel industry. The Soil Not Oil Coalition promotes research and further understanding to optimize soil carbon sequestration and sustainability, to aid in the development of adequate food production for future generations and to help reverse the effects of global warming.