MUTEK SF A/Visions 3 with Tim Hecker

Come join MUTEK at Gray Area for their 3rd A/Visions presentation that highlights the futurist potential inherent in electronic music.

Leading the bill is Canadian artist Tim Hecker, whose music, alien in its abstraction, seems not of this world — but is humanized by its rending emotional potency. Joining him are Woulg & Push 1 stop, two Quebecois media artists (Greg Debicki and Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules) who will perform“Interpolate A/V”, an immersive work that conjoins both performers and their networked computers with all-encompassing visuals and sound; and Austin Cesear, a San Francisco artist who crafts hazy, dub-inflected psychedelic ambient music.


Tim Hecker

Over 18 years, seven solo albums and numerous sound installations and commissioned performance works, Montréal musician and sound artist Tim Hecker has turned “ambient noise” on its head, crafting his own recognizable style of abstract electronic music with profound emotional resonance – from the bleak yet all-encompassing soundscapes of his 2004 Mirages (on Alien8) and 2006’s Harmony in Ultraviolet (on Kranky) to more recent explorations of acoustic sound gone digitally wild on his 2011 album Ravedeath 1972 and his latest, Virgins. Resistant to genre, his compositions layer synthesized glitch and static over sustained piano chords, and put dissonance and orchestral harmony on equal footing. Live, Hecker plays his compositions loud and preferably with the lights out; never sacrificing clarity, his sonic narratives building to transcendent crescendos or rumbling into wave after wave of body-shaking bass. For EM15, Hecker introduces a new level of intensity to his live performance, turning a concert hall into a darkened, fog-filled, disorienting space where sound completely overwhelms the senses.

Woulg & Push 1 stop

Woulg creates dark sonic landscapes disrupted by glitches that are equally likely to break into hypnotic pounding techno as they are to expand into ambient bubbles of texture ready to burst; reminding us that nothing lasts, that we should always expect the unexpected. His mind bending live sets explore these ideas while taking the crowd on an unpredictable journey.

Gleefully muddying the waters between motion design, 3D and audio reactive visuals, Push 1 stop’s output has been incredibly varied. While each of her performances is poles apart from the next. Her live sets are invariably characterized by the build up of elegantly precise and complex narrative environments.

Austin Cesear

Over just a handful of releases, San Diego, California native Austin Cesear has established a palette that is both unique and highly redolent of his home state. He's spent much of his brief adult life around the Bay Area, living in San Francisco and Oakland. From tracks like "Yep," with its winding, wavy G-funk repetition, to the dubby, foggy expanse of his Deep Breakfast mixtape and the field recordings of his West Oakland neighborhood on "7HF9B.383348H.382753J," it's clear that Cesear has been influenced by his environment.


Mutek SF

MUTEK is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts.

MUTEK's first foray into the United States takes place in San Francisco, Thursday-Saturday May 3-6, 2018.

The groundbreaking electronic music festival will present works by musicians from the Bay Area and around the world at 9 venues across the city, including Bimbo’s, California Academy of Sciences, Gray Area Grand Theatre, Envelop SF, Herbst Theatre, Heron Arts, the San Francisco Mint, Mezzanine, and The Midway. MUTEK.SF will present live electronic music performances, art installations, audiovisual works, panel discussions, food vendors, and more, adding up to a mind-bendingly eclectic yet cohesive experience for fans in the U.S. The spirit of the San Francisco underground will permeate the weekend, as the city’s potent mixture of technological innovation, intellectualism, immigration, and futurism provides a backdrop for MUTEK.SF’s programming trajectory. The performances will be separated into four unique tracks: Digi Lab, A/Visions, Nocturne, and Experience.