APPLE PIE Bay Area Premier

APPLE PIE is feature length artist film by Aotearoa New Zealand artist Sam Hamilton shot over 3 years on super 16mm film in NZ, Samoa, and a mountaintop astrophysics laboratory in the remote East Oregon Desert.

$8 Presale Tickets / $12 Door

A lush and critically experimental investigation of how our species most vital agencies - and the structural modes of our operation within experiential reality - are shaped by our long, complex and intrinsic relationship with astronomy.

Featuring celebrated Samoan dance artist Ioane Papali'i and 25 other performers, APPLE PIE is a constellation of smoking briefcases introspective nude pluralism, sensual boredom, atomic choreography's, oceanic haircuts, endless echoes, psychedelic night skies, speculative ontologies, situational meditations, meta-objects, political deconstructions and the golden ratio of existential descent.
A frame to inhabit.
A garden path to stroll.
To a new meridian line for a new epoch.


Sam Hamilton

Sam Hamilton is an inter-disciplinary artist from K’rd, Aotearoa New Zealand, currently based in Portland Oregon, who’s art practice operates - and is structured - more like an ecology than a craft. A highly pluralistic and modular working system that pivots around a nomadic center of conceptual and practical gravity that itself is constantly migrating along the convergent trajectories of various intersecting critical, aesthetic and physiological interests, investigations, experiments and processes. The architecture of the practice is variously constructed from interconnected renders of sound/music, film, writing, performance, ceramics, photography and over mediums. Hamilton is currently touring a recently completed experimental feature film shot on super 16mm film in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific island nation of Samoa, and a remote mountaintop astrophysics observatory in Oregon high-plain desert. The film features Samoan dance artist Ioane Papali’I of the MAU Dance Company and a cast of 25 other performers and is a visually lush and critically vibrant investigation of how our species most vital agencies intimately intersect with – and through - astronomy and physics. Apple Pie is being presented in conjunction with a current 4-month solo exhibition at the Portland Art Museum titled Standard Candles which features Apple Pie as well as several new film, ceramic, and letter installations.