AV Club SF’s HEXCODE Halloween Party

AV Club SF's Hexcode Halloween Party

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Doors 7:00 PM

Show 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM



View our FAQ page for more info, or contact us at [email protected] with any accommodation requests.

Standing Performance

algorithmic art party planners AV Club SF are back from the #FFFFFFing crypt. with an early saturday event to kick start and curse ur biggest halloween night in the bay.


7 audiovisual performances. 16 artists from SF, Berlin, and NYC.

live electronic music and visual art made with

projected code 💻

analog hardware 🔨

+ DJ performance by New Nostalgia 🎧

light show with strobes and fog

boiler room vibes but better



New Nostalgia Versys R Tyler Nathan Ho V10101a (NYC) Dan Gorelick i-go


Santi Stephen Radley The Poet Engineer (NYC) Fetz A/V disambiguator Sarah GHP (Berlin) Haute Rod FlipYourBits



curses coming imminently


R Tyler

R Tyler is a San Francisco-based algorave musician, producer, and visual artist. In 2023 he was invited to perform algorithmic dance music at SXSW, Spectra Studio Los Angeles, Indexical Santa Cruz, and bi-coastal audiovisual events with AV Club SF, Club Code, and Livecode.NYC. His EP ‘Xuixo’ was released on Split Notes this year under his alias ‘Relyt R’ for experimental techno made with live-coding, machine learning, odd time signatures, and alien microtonal harmonies. As R Tyler, he has released Live-Code Volume 1 and 2, featuring original dance music composed and performed with TidalCycles code from his live sets at SXSW and Gray Area SF.


Viola He is a Shanghai-born, NYC-based interdisciplinary artist, performer, and cultural organizer. Their creative practices engage with DIY electronics, programming, movements, and various time-based media. Using algorithmic approaches to enhance, alternate, and obfuscate sounds and images, they work to explore pathways towards alternative structures, systems and interfaces. Viola often dreams about glitches, computational humor, and infiltrating digital spaces with physical bodies as tools for intervention. Viola is an organizing member of Livecode.NYC, and recently an artist-in-residence at Wave Farm radio. They have produced and participated in performance works in Shanghai, LA, NYC, Beijing, Austria, and a lot of small and nice corners on the internet <3


Paras Sanghavi is a visual artist and software engineer. He primarily builds generative, interactive, web-based work using ThreeJS and GLSL. He’s excited by the nuts and bolts of the graphic pipeline, building toys accessible for play by anybody, and writing code he barely understands. Paras is from New York City, is now based in San Francisco, and has been a member of AV Club since 2021.

Nathan Ho

Nathan Ho is a Bay Area native, electronic musician, educator, and specialist in digital signal processing. His debut album "Haywire Frontier" was released on the Japanese label tokinogake in September 2023. His work combines his background in mathematics, science, and modern classical composition with aggressive, hypermodern sound design.

Sarah GHP

Sarah GHP is a 2D maximalist, beginning with SVGs and processing them with analog and digital synths. An early member of Livecode.NYC, Sarah now lives in Berlin. She performs when she can: as visualist for Codie; as Hue Archer, Electric Detective, with nancydr0ne; and in other pairings. Computers are not the boss of her.


WƎИNOSTALGIA is a production group based in San Francisco. ИN hosted events in San Francisco and New York City such as Throw Ur Phone Into a Lake, a no-phone dance party focused on being present offline and in the moment. Listeners tune into their radio shows on Hyde FM, Lot Radio, Sutro FM, Fault Radio and more.


Dan Gorelick is a musician, creative technologist, and organizer who is based in the Bay Area and has a presence in Brooklyn and Berlin. Dan creates live audiovisual performances, blending his classical cello experience with the practice of live-coding: creating music with code. He explores what is uniquely possible when combining the acoustic and electronic practices to create live expressive and improvisational works.


Wilson Zhao is a music producer and creative technologist based in San Francisco. Primarily interested in developing "humanity-affirming" technology for live shows, his work, such as DDSP-VST, aims to elevate musical experiences by intertwining tech with human emotion. His artist name, Versys, stands for "versatile system," which reflects his artistic style and also happens to be the brand of motorcycle he crashed two years ago.

Santiago a.k.a. Santi

Santiago is a digital artisan based in San Francisco. He regards code as a craft, a form of transhumanistic poetry, and a live expression medium capable of compressing meaning in machine-interpretable routines. His work navigates the line between generative and de-generative art, using classic algorithmic techniques combined with a thin layer of artificial intelligence. As a visual performer, he seeks to bring these ideas to life dynamically and interactively.

The Poet Engineer

The Poet Engineer (Kat Zhang, IG @the.poet.engineer) is a Brooklyn-based media artist, engineer, and researcher interested in living and simulated systems and computational cognition. She uses code and algorithms to create multi-sensory works that investigate how computation can reveal the unconscious and poetic aspects of the human and machine psyche. More recently, she’s interested in artificial life forms and how encoded information like DNA and human language lead to complex, open-ended evolution. Her next project is an audio visual installation, to be shown at Gray Area this December, upon culmination of her incubator residency there.

Fetz A/V

Fetz A/V is a live visual artist & VJ from the Bay Area California. They stepped out from behind the scenes of the music industry after 10+ years working major festivals (Coachella, EDC, Lighting In A Bottle etc), events, and managing venues to emerge and evolve into a live visual artist. Growing up alongside digital technology as the last of the analog generation, they embrace both the analog and digital tools. Their work is a fusion of these two contrasting worlds. As a hybrid analog and digital artist they blend retro video game hardware and analog video equipment with digital processing, and glitch aesthetics. They keep the analog soul alive, giving new life to “outdated” technology. As of 2023 they live in San Francisco and are the house VJ at Public Works. They have performed at: DNA Lounge, Public Works, Grey Area, Soundwave Studios, Noisebridege, Burning Man, Renascence Festival 2022, POW (8bit SF), and MagWest 2022 & 2023. Their goal is to elevate the art form and status of visual artists working behind the scenes to enhance the music and event experience.

Stephen Radley

Stephen Radley is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the cultural shift from an analog to a digital world utilizing both obsolete and emerging technologies as a way to explore what is lost and gained in this ever shifting landscape.


AV Club

AV Club is a San Francisco based algorave artist collective focused on live performance where technology itself is the instrument. We use samplers, sequencers, livecode environments, modular synths, feedback loops, generative art, microscopes, & more to make sights and sounds you haven't encountered before but will want to experience again.

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