Belief Defect Live A/V

9pm-10pm: DTE Resident Tariq
10pm-11pm: Hypoxia Live [SF Debut]
11pm-12am: Belief Defect Live A/V [SF Debut]
12am-1am: Luis Flores Live
1am-close: DTE Resident Max Gardner

January 17, 2020
9pm – 2am

$20 Advance
$25 At The Door
All Sales Final

Direct To Earth x Gray Area x MUTEK.SF come together to present a live audiovisual performance by Belief Defect for a night of dynamic sound and moving image. Expanding on the confrontational aspect of their music and the violence of sub frequencies, their set will be paired with live visuals that express an explicit social critique and terminal world view expanding on themes from their latest album, Decadent Yet Depraved.

The night will also feature the artists' solo endeavors, featuring live sets by Hypoxia and Luis Flores, untangling each artist's approach to electronic music. From dance floor to primal anger and self-annihilating noise, to transcendental, ambient escapism and intense self-reflexive sonic layering, the result is a soundtrack for a deeply dynamic night of sound.


Belief Defect

Belief Defect

Belief Defect is a collaboration of Drumcell and Luis Flores. 'Decadent Yet Depraved' (Raster-Noton) sets out their manifesto - the world is deluding itself. Combine that target with hard hitting experimental electronics and you get the soundtrack to a collision course through Laibach meeting John Carpenter. After their highly-acclaimed debut album Decadent Yet Depraved (R-M 178CD/LP, 2018), Berlin and LA-based producers Belief Defect invited a variety of artists to join their Remixed project. Remixed 01 is about transferring the pieces back into abstract space, and each remixer does it in his very own way. Alessandro Cortini's one-take live recording is a lesson in classical ambient music. Telefon Tel Aviv's remix is timelessly modern and extremely delicate sound design. Rather opposite concepts are coming from Surachai's brutal pattern design and Kangding Ray's expressive and analogously saturated repetitions for the dancefloor.

Hypoxia Bio


Moe Espinosa, co-founder of BL_K Noise and also known as Drumcell, is able to produce infinite movement with his Buchla and Eurorack systems as Hypoxia. After his celebrated and instantly sold-out EP ‘A Constant Preparation for Loss’,  Hypoxia debuted his  all hardware 2 hour live set at Berghain on New Year’s Day. Since its debut, the performance has toured to highly curated atmospheres from Brooklyn’s Greyscale Series at Output to pop-up concerts on the LA River.   Focusing on melodic arrangements and giant round bass, a Hypoxia set is a full sensory experience. Hypoxia is the alter-ego of Drumcell, one of North America’s most esoteric techno producers with recent releases out on DROID Recordings, Dystopian, and Tip Top Audio.

Luis Flores


Flores ́s carrer extends beyond the past two decades in which he's been instrumental in the development of Mexico ́s electronic scene as an artist, label owner or radio host to an obligatory reference when north america ́s techno resurgence the past 10 years is the subject matter. His credits include everything from releases in Droid, EDLX, CLR to performances at the Movement Festival, Berghain/Panorama Bar or Boiler Room but his extended sets from 5 to 7 hrs of live original material are what make him uncommon. The interaction between audience, Flores and his machines are the variables that provide every performance a unique result and developing the optimal interface to interact with his instruments has become as important as studio production. Since his relocation to Berlin, he ́s developed two projects paralleling his techno output: Belief Defect with Droid ́s own Drumcell with their debut album released under the seminal Raster imprint and I Murdered in partnership with Janice with their first EP released by Mord.

Max Gardner

Max Gardner

For over a decade, Max Gardner has dedicated himself to techno. He's a constant presence in the Bay Area scene, playing clubs and warehouse parties, hosting his own events, and producing his own hammerhead machine music, performing all-hardware live sets solo and in collaboration. In 2011, Gardner co-founded Direct To Earth, a San Francisco based party and event series. Through his work with DTE, Gardner has hosted, promoted, and DJed beside some of the world's most well-regarded techno talents — in dirty warehouses, hazy afterparties, and top-tier clubs. His DJ sets run through the gamut of techno in its purest forms, inspired by the heavy, synth-forward sounds of Detroit and Berlin classics and new-school players from the Netherlands, Latin America, and the U.S. Midwest. He focuses on driving rhythms and intricate, long-form mixing — hypnotic blends that provide just the right amount of subtlety to whipped-up dancers. Gardner has also been producing his own material for years, and in 2018, he released his first 12", an EP entitled "Broken Knives & Pinkies" on Bay Area imprint Excise. Besides his solo productions, Gardner also collaborates with San Francisco hardware technician Marc Kelechava as Transpose, an all-hardware techno duo whose debut performance tore the roof off a MUTEK San Francisco afterparty. He's been busy for years, but Max Gardner's just getting started in 2019. Watch this space.


Tariq has hit the SF scene by storm. He has a spectacular taste in techno and is a well active, passionate, and supportive member to the bay area dance music community. Over the past few years he’s had the pleasure of playing alongside many of techno’s greats like Lucy, Erika, Deraout, Drumcell, Janice, Ben Sims, and many more alike. His dedication to techno shows through his involvement in bringing likeminded music to San Francisco through Direct to Earth.

Zoey Vero

Zoey Vero

Zoey Vero is a visual artist and motion graphics designer from San Francisco. Immersive and visual environments have become a platform for her to share artwork and experiment with different concepts in VJing, motion graphics, video art and projection mapping. She stays close the to music and arts scene, collaborating with musicians, festivals, and taking on various design projects. With a background of a B.A in Architecture from UC Berkeley, Zoey has also performed and displayed works internationally in festivals and galleries in Berlin, Amsterdam, Kyiv, Prague, Milan, and Geneva, to name a few. She is motivated by experimental, conceptual and new techniques/technologies to further her skills while working regularly as a VJ and visual artist.


Direct to Earth

NASA defines the signal transmission from space craft to earth as DTE. We attempt to embody this transmission, become the source and reach out to new audiences. We here at DTE find the music we play and the talent we bring to our events just as exotic as alien planets. We hope to cultivate a positive impact here on earth via sound waves and experimentation in unique environments. We are DJs, producers, party people, ravers, gear heads, professionals, weirdos, dancers, bartenders and brewers who find life all the more amusing when the sound system is loud, the drinks are stiff, and the DJ is actually playing what they imagined they would play.

Mutek SF

MUTEK Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to foster culture, community, mutual appreciation, and understanding among stratified sectors of society, specifically by bridging art, music, and technology communities. As organizers of MUTEK.SF, the company is part of a worldwide network of conferences, festivals, and events headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The flagship MUTEK Festival currently has 7 global annual editions in Montréal, Mexico City, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Dubai, and San Francisco.

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